Often we look at ourselves and others and see the negatives. What if we took time to recognize what we are underneath our skin? We would observe that we ALL have something similar. We all have LIFE! That life is a GIFT! It is a source of LIGHT that we have been blessed with from the "CREATOR". This BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT has designed us, therefore we too are BEAUTIFUL!

Wellness Innovators is a team of  health  professionals who understand that our BEAUTY lies within. Just like a DIAMOND shines even under the dirt, our BEAUTIFUL light shines underneath the dirt of doubt, fears, and insecurities, even our negative behaviours! Recognizing this is the first step! The second would be, to begin to dust of the dirt by adopting a more positive approach to living. This will allow our TRUE LIGHT and BEAUTY to SHINE!

If we recognize our worth, we would seek more beneficial and healthy habits. Our team recognizes that the more we value ourselves the better we take care of our HEALTH! We therefore provide the most vulnerable group, the YOUTH with information on how to take care of their Emotional and Dental Health while also empowering them with information on the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Infections. All this in an effort to boost Self Esteem, Self Love and reduce on risky and self destructive behaviours among the youth!

The team comprises a Registered Nurse/Singer (Ms. Naomie Grandison), Medical Doctor (Dr. Andre Matthew) and Dental Hygienist (Ms Felicia Montoute) sharing information  on the MIND BODY & SMILE with a touch of music, that captivates!!

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