On the Campaign Trail- part 1

Clendon Mason, Soufriere, Castries Comprehensive, Sir Ira Simmons

Wednesday 27/10/2010 - Clendon Mason Memorial School 

It was really a pleasure being at  Clendon Mason. The students were very attentive. It almost felt like the message diffused into their souls. I saw some faces light up, smiles, and even some close to tears. Teachers to seemed very appreciative, as they expressed their desire to have the team return. Sadly our camera experienced some technical difficulties, so we asked a student with a camera to take photos and we have not retrieved those as yet.

Ok :) got a few.. but there are still some more we haven't retrieved.

Monday 25/10/2010- Soufriere Comprehensive

We got off to a shaky start with the sound system not working up to par, however it progressed well into to the morning. It felt good being in my home town, and seeing the concentration and participation of some of the students. There being no hall made it a bit challenging however the students and teachers were patient. Students received bookmarks.
Ok These are not the main photos but this is what I have on my hands now.. will add better ones soon :)

Thursday 21/10/2010
PTA Meeting at Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School. The team was invited by Mrs Mathurin the principal. The parents appreciated the presentation. They learnt about proper oral care and what emotional health is about, with the use of a song.

The Vibe youth TV show on Choice feature Wellness Innovator in the Health Segment.

Monday 18/10/2010 - Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (upper forms)

Comprehensive has a wonderful hall which contributed to the effectiveness of the presentation. Audio visuals were seen well. The students took quite a while to settle, and talkative. A teacher came up to caution them and had one student to apologize before we proceeded. Generally the overall the attention of the students was maintained thereafter.

Saturday 16/10/2010- I Am beautiful Launching @ Sandals Regency

The press, well wishers and contributors were invited to the official launching of the campaign. The team delivered a comprehensive presentation, explaining who we are, the objective of the campaign and how we intend to meet our goals. It was a truely fulfilling night, although TV press did not show up, all the islands major newspapers were present.
Thursday 14/10/2010- Castries Comprehensive (Lower Form)

The younger students settled well in the hall. We received assistance from staff to set up. The interaction with the students was notable,they were certainly attentive and thoroughly enjoyed the song. Students came after presentation to show their appreciation.

Monday 11/10/2010- Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School

This was our first school and a whole new experience for both us and the children. The students stood on the court as they do for assembly.  It was a learning experience. One that brought us joy. We were complimented by staff. The presentation however seemed a bit longer than what we would have like it to be. The sound was not fully effective as the students at the back did not quite hear clearly.


I Am Beautiful Concept...News.. Updates

Generally we tend to forget that we must deal with how we feel about ourselves before we can really change and become better. For anyone to act responsibly she/he must have a positive self concept and also the knowledge of why certain things should and should not be done. Being aware of the consequences of certain risky behaviours cannot be over emphasized. If I first understand that I am precious and worthy of respect, success and wellness then I will seek to undertake activities that generally are in line with that.

When observing the actions of the youth it is apparent that most have placed very little value on their lives. They may not be aware of how special they are. Some youth are simply pessimistic because of a lack of stimulating, consistent and empowering information that encourages them to make positive changes in their lives." The ‘I Am Beautiful Campaign’ is an innovative way to empower the youth by first helping them to realize how beautiful they are; then teaching them good health care habits that discourage risky behaviours. 

 The campaign has three components: research, educational and student participation. Before presenting at the schools a select group of students are asked to fill out a questionnaire on either one of the 3 topics; emotional health, dental care or sexually transmitted infections. Ms Supriya Venigalla a medical student from  AIMU university is volunteering her services in this area. (photo to the left) The educational component consists of school visits, radio/TV, music and internet. Please join our facebook page i.e. Wellness Innovators (St. Lucia).

For the final component students will be asked to express their beauty through poetry, story, art, music etc. Students may email us or upload their information via facebook. In the final analysis, their talent will be showcased at an exhibition. Hurricane Tomas as affected the timeline of the campaign, the team has agreed to allow the campaign to run until October 2011 or later if necessary. We plan to have the exhibition at the end of the campaign.

The team has made special appearances on TV and Radio programmes to discuss the idea of the campaign. Picture (on right) with Mr Timothy Poleon host of Newsmaker Live. This was a very special moment for our team, our families and the nation and those who tuned in.

Wellness Innovators, wish to make the campaign significant. How? With the "I Am Beautiful" audio and video production, paraphernalia, posters and infomercials. Of course this aspect requires significant funds and we are requesting financial support to reach the youth on all levels. Using all forms of media along with music would facilitate a stronger message.

The team is beyond grateful for the immense support and well wishes we have received. We would especially like to recognize Mr. Clayton Rhule of Crhule Designs for giving of his time and expertise to design logo concept and copy of the I Am Beautiful Campaign. Without this look the impact would not be felt. Mr. Rhule designs the paraphernalia pics seen here.
Please visit for more information on Mr. Clayton Rhule.

Wellness Innovators

Wellness Innovators is made up of a team of health care professionals, from the beautiful nature isle of St. Lucia, the Helen of the West Indies. We are very passionate about sharing our knowledge. Our team is made up of three beautiful people; (from left to right in picture) Ms Naomie "Ngozi" Grandison, Ms. Felicia Montoute, and Dr. Andre Matthew. We all believe that educating individuals about their wellbeing, in a creative and holistic manner will improve their overall health.

We came together to start ripples of health awareness that cause positive change within us and others. We do this by delivering integrative health presentations, carrying out health campaigns and supporting activities that promote wellness. Our team comprises three elements that create a unique and very effective bond. What we mean is that Ms Grandison is a registered nurse and musician with experience and training in emotional health; Ms Montoute is a certified dental hygienist and poet and Dr. Matthew is a general practitioner and district medical officer, with his private practice called Family Medical Clinic Plus. We have combined the emotional, dental and medical and fused it with the music and poetry to deliver exceptional 3 dimensional presentations. We value professionalism, effectiveness and quality, and strive to maintain that. Out of our concern for the youth we have embarked on a youth Campaign entitled "I Am Beautiful" named after a song written by Ms. Grandison.