On the Campaign Trail- part 2

Vide Boutielle, George Charles, Bocage, CARE, Babonneau, Leon Hess, Gros Islet, Choiseul, Corinth, Ciceron

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Monday 4 & 11/ 04/2011- Vide Boutielle Secondary School
We headed to VBSS twice on the  legendary BLUE BUGGY. :) The students are always amazed that the team and all the equipment can fit so comfortably in the vehicle. It is a true testimony of how size can be a true deceiver. LOL!! We arrived at the school and got assistance from the students to carry equipment. We got off to a bit of a late start on both days, as we awaited the regular morning devotions and settling into the hall. Generally students were attentive and quite reactive to the information shared on STI, Emotions and Dental care. Mr Bernard Fanis was present on the second day for recording. Students enjoyed coming up and sharing thoughts on beauty & receiving prizes. Very energetic bunch. STAY BEAUTIFUL VBSS!!

Monday 28/03/2011- George Charles Secondary School

We were moved to share the message of self love and respect with deeper emphasis at GC, after our experience at Bocage. We all were touched by Ms Montoute's gesture. She apologized to the students on behalf of all adults in their life, that probably didn't do enough to elevate them. You could have felt a genuine sense of interest throughout the presentation. The message of controlling your emotions, dental awareness and being careful of all the STI's out there, did inspire some thought and concern in the students. There acts of appreciation after the presentation was also significant. The principal to was very happy and express her full support for the endeavour. THANK YOU GC!!

Monday 21/03/2011- Bocage Secondary
Upon arriving at Bocage the staff and principal were ready to receive us, with enthusiasm and appreciation. There was great cooperation in getting the students organised for the assembly. As we allowed the students to settle and began presenting, the look on their  faces, and frequency of late comers diffused an awakening in us. We were moved, very moved by the Bocage students. We almost could feel instantly that they needed soo much more than just a group of visitors speaking to them about beauty and health. It felt like the majority of them needed to be nurtured, hugged and given tangible opportunities. WOW!  Most  listened and participated, and came up to express their beauty with smiles and appreciation. The principal treated us to a drink and discussion about the school needs. BOCAGE you are very dear to us.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for having us.

Wednesday 16/03/2011- CARE

It was quite by divine intervention we ended up at CARE. We were scheduled to be at Anse Ger, however RISE contacted us and asked us to make a presentation there. WOW and what a blessing it was to be there. This is one of the school where we felt the message would be a seed. Many of the trainees are talented and express their unique intellect and creatively in vocational skills. Often times people may not recognize their light, but we saw some faces that did that morning. Sometimes I wish the parents and policy makers can hear and embrace this message to. So that the children can be seen as beauty and edified. The teachers were enthusiastic. It was good to see messages on the school walls depicting the same message we came to reiterate. THANKS CARE!!!

21/02/2011 - Babonneau Secondary (pt 2)
Another BEAUTIFUL day. On the eve of independence, we met with the higher forms at Babonneau Seconday. Dr. Matthew was able to get some great footage that says much more than I can put in words. This clip is seen above.  Here is a video of one of the beginning of our presentation at Babonneau. Enjoy!

Wednesday 16/02/2011- Babonneau Secondary School (part 1)
WI was advised to come to the school twice, because of the difficulty with space. Today we did the lower forms, who were already seated and organized by their teachers when we entered.  We thought we were at least 20 mins early, however we were just on time, and once again pressed to set up,  however the staff assisted. Our good friend and Headphunker, Mr James (teacher there) assisted by taking some really AWESOME photos. I'd say our best so far :) The students closed their eyes and listen attentive at the beginning of the presentation, particularly to the singing. They were very energetic, and boldly came up to declare their beauty on the mic. We noticed just a small number students trying to discourage one of the MOST handsome boys in the school from saying "I am beautiful', but he forged ahead with courage and that we found admirable.  He knows he is beautiful even if others may want to think otherwise and call him fat because he is a little taller and bigger than his classmates. The teachers and vice principal were very happy and also requested bands. Another beautiful day!

Monday 14/02/2011-  Leon Hess Secondary School 

Upon entering the school we were greeted by light, spiritual showers of blessing from the sky :). We began setting up while students assembled. I became a bit tense about the sound begin set up in time, however some students technicians came to our rescue to speed up the process. The students were markedly attentive throughout the presentation. No one, not even Dr. Matthew, who stood up in the rain to present on STI, allowed the worsening weather condition affect us. Ms. Montoute is a past student of Hess and was really excited and happy to be home. The students were very engaged during and responsive during her dental presentation. The singing also had an impact on the students especially when they closed their eyes. They were given hand bands and bookmarks. It seems like the boys are bolder in declaring their beauty on the mic. Girls we need you to step up :) The principal and a number of teachers expressed how pleased they were about the presentation. One teacher in particular said it was the best assembly. :) Complement! We'll take it.

The rain distracted us form taking more pictures, however here are a few.

Monday 31/01/2011- Gros Islet Secondary School

We were all geared up for Gros Islet Secondary school. Knowing that there is a hall and the students would be seated provided a great sense of comfort. We got of to a late start as we awaited the students seating and settling down. The assembly began with prayers and the school anthem; the words of which touched our hearts. We began, and as I began to sing there was an immediate silence and attention. They were well engaged during the dental presentation by Ms Montoute. Toward the end of the presentation several students were invited to express their beauty on stage and received gifts. Beautiful children, appreciative staff, another wonderful day.

 Monday 24/01/2011- Choiseul Secondary School
Heading down to Chioseul, although a long way from Gros Islet- was relaxing. We were able to take in the BEAUTIFUL scenery. Despite the rain, we forged ahead as we always do and set up the sound, which functioned at it's peek :) Thank God! Students were protected from any possible rains next to classrooms and under the balcony. We were at a distance in the middle, under what I would call the Gazebo! WOW, what was notable was their attention and evident confidence in declaring their beauty throughout the presentation. Both the boys and girls, at Choiseul Sec expressed their beauty :). We also came bearing gifts for those who were able to come up and say "I am beautiful!" They were appreciative, and the team received a Beautiful thank you from the president of the students council. We felt really blessed and BEAUTIFUL. The vice principal, principal and other teachers assisted throughout and they to expressed their appreciation also. THANK YOU CHOISEUL!

Monday 17/01/2011- Corinth Secondary School

What a lovely experience being at  Corinth Secondary. The cooperation of the principal, vice principal, staff and students were all very commendable, like a breath of fresh air. Although heavy showers came down just before our presentation, that didn't deter the team and the school from forging ahead. It was all positive energy. Students were seated, and definitely that helped quite a bit with the focus. They were very attentive and participated through out the presentation and the musical rendition. It was smooth sailing and a beautiful feeling. We still faced some difficulty with the boys saying I Am Beautiful!! :)

Monday 10/01/2011- Ciceron Secondary School

We were ready and excited about Ciceron, having already received full cooperation from the principal, counselor and other staff members. The students were attentive and remained interested through out the presentation despite the challenges faced with the sound system and having to stand. Having to use one mic to sing and pick up the guitar acoustic was quite a skill, but they did hear all what we said, and both the staff and principal showed appreciation after the presentation. Most students freely said I Am Beautiful.. how ever some boys felt it more fitting to say I am Handsome! instead. Guess it was the macho this coming out. LOL!